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P2F2 Mission Statement

The Public Pension Financial Forum’s mission is to serve its membership through education, pension advocacy, and networking by promoting financial excellence for public pension plans.

About Us


The purposes of the P2F2 are to:

  1. Promote excellence in public pension plan financial operations.
  2. Advocate for and represent public pension systems by responding to and collaborating with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board and other related organizations.
  3. Provide education to membership in areas of financial importance for public pension plans.
  4. Create networking opportunities for members to exchange ideas and information.
  5. Promote fiduciary responsibility for public pension plans to ensure plan assets are controlled, safeguarded, and used exclusively for the benefit of its members and beneficiaries.

Core Values

The core values that define who we are:

  1. Excellence: We share a commitment to high quality and excellence in all that we do.
  2. Education: We are trusted subject experts committed to sharing creditable information.
  3. Collaborative: We interact with each other and with other public pension or finance-related organizations.